“Should I workout when I am sick?” This is probably one of the questions that I get asked the most, especially this time of the year. The short answer is, “No.” I used to go with, “It depends,” but I am now older and wiser. Presumably.

I am a firm believer that one workout can’t make you, however, one workout can break you. When in doubt, or even semi-doubt, take the day off. So keep in mind these 4 reasons you shouldn’t workout when you are sick. I thought it would be better to give you 5 reasons but frankly I couldn’t come up with a worthwhile fifth. I also will admit that this is the one piece of my advice that I have the hardest time following.

know when to workout or when you reasons you should'n workout when you are sick

You are ignoring an important signal being sent by the body.

This is probably the most important reason. If you’re sick your body needs rest and you shouldn’t expend energy on exercise that would be better spent on recovery. Working out when you’re sick diverts energy that your body needs to fight off whatever it is that ails you. Frequently catching colds or suffering from the flu is a symptom of Overtraining Syndrome, and working out when you are sick – ignoring a signal from your body – could be making a bad situation worse.

You can get worse.

There are consequences for not listening to your body and getting – and feeling – worse after exercising is one of the obvious ones. Expending energy on exercise instead of recovery can turn a minor cough or cold into a major one. I have heard people claim that they feel better when they workout, and in some cases this may be true, but in the vast majority of instances this is a fleeting feeling. One workout cannot make you, but it can break you. This adage applies to working out with illness or through an injury.

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You can make others sick.

Germs are everywhere and a gym setting, no matter how sanitary, is one of the “dirtiest” places you could be in. Obviously, if are sick and are coughing and/or sneezing, have a runny nose, are sweating and come in contact with others you are exposing them to your germs. Did you see the Mythbusters episode where they determine how far a sneeze travels even when the mouth is covered? It really isn’t cool if you workout with a trainer when sick; you are in close proximity and there’s a good chance they will come in direct contact with your sweat and germs.

know when to workout or when you reasons you should'n workout when you are sick

You will most likely have a lousy workout.

If you are run down – for any reason – and go to the gym, there is a high probability that you won’t have a good workout. You can’t manufacture energy that you don’t have, and whether you are sick or over-trained, this lack of energy will clearly have an adverse affect on your workout.

Your body is smarter than you are and if you are sick your body is telling you that something is wrong. Listen to your body and you will be better off in the long run. These are the 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work Out When You Are Sick. Thanks for reading 🙂

As we know Bollywood earns most money than any other production industry in the World . But there is a logic behind this type of success, And the logic is the hard work of the movie stars. And with respect to their hard work. We are representing you the List of Fittest actors of Bollywood. We have a complete list of Fittest bodies of Bollywood actors

Here is the list of fittest actors of Bollywood

John Abraham

Once John Abraham said that

A cricketer and an actor’s life is similar

And he proves himself correct according to his statement. He has the body of a beast. He has a remarkable “V” shape body .He is the fittest actor of Bollywood industry . He sports He sports broad shoulders, narrow waists, small ankles and wrists also. He trained a lot under the guidance of his personal trainer Vinod Channa and in about 8 months transformed from a lean 186 lbs to very muscular 212 lb guy. John trains two muscle groups a day . He looks like a beast but he is a very kind person . but he is a bull in Gym . He Loves Gym rather than anything else . And for me he is one of the best from my list of fittest actors of bollywood .

John Abraham Fitness

Source: pinterest.com

Vidyut Jamwal

The Handsome Hulk of Bollywood and a
trained Martial arts fighter and gymnastics who was a model and now turned into big screen Actor . His popularly referred to as The New Age Action Hero of Bollywood. He has acted in films such as Force and Commando , which showcased combat based action. Given his expertise in various forms of martial arts including Kalaripayattu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Jamwal has predominantly concentrated on training stunts and action in Bollywood. Vidyut Jamwal, having a ripped physique, is an epitome of fitness who follows his own methods and practices while training in the gym.He is a gymnastic and also practices martial arts and its various forms. He does not go to the gym daily but at least 3 to 4 times in a week for strength and weight training. But he trains his body for fitness every day .

Vidyut Jammwal Fitness

Source: pinterest.com

Tiger Shroff

Tiger is a very good football player and wanted to play football professionally but he realized football is not considered a big game in India and decided to become an actor.Tiger Shraff idolizes Bruce Lee and is trained in martial arts. Tiger is passionate about working out and hits the gym regularly without a break. He also plays football and practice kickboxing and gymnastics to chisel his physique.
Tiger Shroff workout regime is a unique mixture of strength training, flexibility training, and gymnastics. Tiger Shroff believes that when it is about a great body, there are no breaks. Hence, he workouts 7 days a week (2 to 3 hours a day) and focuses on different body parts each day.

Tiger Shroff fitness

Source: pinterest.com

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is known as the King Khan of Bollywood . Most people knows that Shah Rukh Khan is the Romance King of Bollywood . But SRK has a unique and hot body as well . He works very hard on his body . He doesn’t care about his age . His dedication towards his fitness is phenomenal . It is reported that he has 8 pack abs . and developing 8 pack abs is not an easy task . Shah Rukh Khan takes the gym seriously, his workout consists of weight training along with abs work 4 times a week, including 30-60 mins of cardio every day. But his strict food regime is what gives his body the perfect look, he only eats healthy food and follows a high – protein, low – fat diet, and helps himself to fruit when craving something sweet and delicious.

Shah Rukh Khan Fitness

Source: pinterest.com

you are reading the list of Fittest Actors of Bollywood
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Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is the most handsome face of Bollywood . Hritik Roshan is known as the Dance King of Bollywood . Even The great Jackie Chain likes his Dance moves.But along with his dance he he has an unique physique .Judging from his film Bang Bang! it is no surprise that Hrithik landed second in Times 50 Most Desirable Men of 2014. He doesn’t believe in fad diets or a grueling exercise regime instead his food includes a large amount of protein and other nutrition

Hritik Roshan Fitness

Source: pinterest.com

Akshay Kumar

Whenever someone talks about health and fitness the name everyone admits about is Akhsay Kumar. Akshay Kumar khown as the Khiladi of Bollywood . He is very serious about his fitness. He wakes up 4 am daily. He still doesn’t have more than a four to six pack, but that’s because he doesn’t believe in shortcuts; he doesn’t take protein shakes, steroids or enhancers. Surprisingly, he doesn’t go to the gym unless he has to, he varies between different exercises; long walks, martial arts, stretching, yoga, swimming and meditation.

Akshay Kumar Fitness

Source: pinterest.com

Here is another name is my list of Fittest actors of bollywood , he is Farhan Akhtar.

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar is mostly known as his character Milkha Sihgh of “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” in which he has played the rolle of Indian Athlete Milkha Singh‘s role. Farhan Akhtar had to tone up his body to play the role of an Olympian runner and it was no easy task. The director was going for Brad Pitt’s look in Fight Club for Farhan and all that hard work paid off.
Farhan’s workout was very hard and grueling, he trained two to three times a day, and took lessons for cycling, repetitions, swimming, football and stair running among many more. Farhan’s main source of carbs were vegetables and fruits, if that’s not all, he stopped going to late night parties and would head to bed by 10pm. Now that’s dedication for a role!

Source: pinterest.com

Conclusion of Fittest actors of Bollywood

This is just a list of Bollywood actors who has a Fit body shapes . We don’t encourage people to take this list as rankings .This list is just a choice of our authors . People may not be agree with this list they may have their own list of actors how has better bodies then these celebrities.


What is Yoga ?

check out best yoga poses , with benefits
Originated in ancient India , Yoga typically means ‘union’ between the mind, body and spirit.

The word yoga is taken from the Sanskrit root ‘yug’ which means union. The
ultimate goal of yoga is to achieve union between the individual consciousness
(aatma) and the universal divine (paramatma).

Paths of Yoga.

There are 4 paths of Yoga, or 4 ways that union can be achieved .

  1. Bhakti Yoga – through love and devotion to the Lord
  2. Karma Yoga – through selfless service to others
  3. Jnana Yoga – through intellect and knowledge
  4. Raja Yoga – through scientific and systematic study of the external and
    internal body. This includes the Eight Limbs of Yoga


Importance of Yoga in our Life.

Yoga and meditation are part of a holistic approach to self-healing that brings about harmony between body, mind and soul and helps in relieving numerous aliments.

  • Improves functioning of the nervous system
  • Increases concentration and focus
    Aids Weight loss
  • Improves flexibility and posture
    Boosts energy
  • Promotes the process of self-healing
    Controls blood pressure
  • Slows down the process of aging
    Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Brings about harmony between soul, body and mind.

You are reading about : best yoga poses

Best Yoga poses and their benefits

Best Yoga Poses

  • Trikona Asana ( triangle Pose )
  • Adho Mukha Swasana
  • Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)
  • Seated Forward Bend
  • Cobra Posture (Bhujang asana)

Trikona Asana ( Triangle Pose )

Triangle pose engages every part of the body, strengthens the core, opens the hips and shoulders and stretches the legs.
This pose strengthens the muscles in the thighs, hips, and back, while toning the knees and ankles. It also stimulates the organs of the torso, improving metabolism. It is known to be therapeutic for anxiety, flat feet, infertility, osteoporosis, and even sciatica .

Benefits of Trikona Asana ( Triangle Pose )


  1. Strengthens the legs, knees, ankles, arms and chest
  2. Stretches and opens the hips, groins, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, chest and spine
  3. Increases mental and physical equilibrium
  4. Helps improve digestion
  5. Reduces anxiety, stress, back pain and sciatica

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Adho Mukha Swasana ( Down Dog Pose )

The Adho Mukha Swasana ( Down Dog Pose ) helps in waking up the senses and reduces fatigue and tiredness. It rejuvenates the body by improving blood circulation. It helps in improving bone density and preventing bone diseases such as osteoporosis in women , and this yoga pose can also help in relieving neck pain by reducing stiffness of the upper body.
Down dog pose

Benefits of Adho Mukha Swasana

  1. This pose strengthens the arms, legs, shoulders and feet
  2. Because of the weight bearing nature of the posture on the arms and legs, it helps strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis.
  3. It helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.
  4. Adho Mukha Svanasana relieves headache, insomnia, back pain and fatigue.
  5. This pose can be used as a therapeutic aid for high blood pressure, asthma, sciatica, flat feet and sinusitis.
  6. Adho Mukha Svanasana leaves you feeling energized.
  7. It calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression.
  8. It lengthens the spine and strengthens the muscles of the chest thereby increasing lung capacity.


Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Bridge pose look like the shape of the bridge, so this pose is called as bridge poses i.e. Setubandhasana. Basically this pose is effective in relaxing the body and reducing stress. It stretches the chest, spinal cord and neck.
Bridge pose on a bridge
Bridge pose is my favourite from ,best yoga poses.

Benefits of Bridge pose


  1. Rejuvenates tired legs
  2. Improves digestion
  3. Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
  4. Relieves menstrual discomfort when done supported
  5. Reduces anxiety, fatigue, backache, headache, and insomnia
  6. Stretches the chest, neck, and spine
    Calms the brain and helps alleviate stress and mild depression
  7. Stimulates abdominal organs, lungs, and thyroid
  8. Therapeutic for asthma, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and sinusitis

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana stretches the spine, shoulders and hamstrings. People with tight hip flexors will surely benefit from this pose. Nevertheless, be careful not to hyper extend your knees.
It is ideal for yogis and yoginis at a beginner level.
Paschimottanasana may not only be good for digestion but can also increase appetite, reduce obesity, and is even believed to have the power to cure disease.
Seated forward bend

Benefits of Seated Forward Bend


  1. Therapeutic for high blood pressure, infertility, insomnia, and sinusitis.
  2. Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression.
  3. Stretches the spine, shoulders, hamstrings
  4. Stimulates the liver, kidneys, ovaries, and uterus
  5. Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause and menstrual discomfort
  6. Soothes headache and anxiety and reduces fatigue

Cobra Posture (Bhujang asana)


The eighth pose of the 12 poses of the Surya Namaskar, Bhujangasana is also called the Cobra Pose. This energizing backbend resembles the raised hood of a cobra.

In Sanskrit, “bhujanga” means serpent or snake and “asana” means pose; hence the English, cobra pose. This invigorating backbend was named such because Bhujangasana reflects the posture of a cobra that has its hood raised.
Yoga cobra pose

Cobra Posture (Bhujang asana)


  1. Improves menstrual irregularities
  2. Elevates mood
  3. Firms and tones the buttocks
  4. Invigorates the heart
  5. Stimulates organs in the abdomen, like the kidneys
  6. Helps to ease symptoms of asthma.
  7. Relieves stress and fatigue
  8. It Stretches muscles in the shoulders, chest and abdominals
  9. Decreases stiffness of the lower back
    Strengthens the arms and shoulders
  10. Increases flexibility
  11. Improves digestion
  12. Strengthens the spine
  13. Soothes sciatica
  14. Opens the chest and helps to clear the passages of the heart and lungs.
  15. Improves circulation of blood and oxygen, especially throughout the spinal and pelvic regions

Here we have soreted , best yoga poses . But the order is not studied . List may variey .

Getting motivated to start a diet and exercising can often be the hardest part of the diet. But fear not because help is at hand.
Your own attitude is the difference between your success and failure. Try to be motivated to loose weight. And you will be motivated by your own.
Over weight disturbs a lot. only a over weighted person can understand this pain .
mostly we decide to loose our extra weight . But in the middle we lost our motivation and we fails to loose that extra weight . but always believe that only you can stop you from loosing your weight , no one has the guts to stop you.
here is the steps to motivate yourself to loose weight .
Stay motivated to loose weight

  1. Write your Plan

    First of all in the way of loosing your fat You have to write a proper plan . The plan may contain Proper exercise and a time table of things . A plan can help you in many ways . A motivational plan helps you to remember the priorities of the time .

  2. Stick to your plan

    Once you created a Motivational plan you have to follow the plan unconditionally . You have to agree the terms of your plan .
    If you are unable to follow your plan . Just remember one thing that why you wrote this plan . See yourself in mirror. and say i have to do this

  3. Set your goals

    ‘Lose weight’ is too vague. You need a clear and achievable goal, such as ‘lose 10lb in 10 weeks’. Write down how you’re going to achieve this, such as ‘run three times a week’ or ‘go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday’ and STICK TO IT.

  4. Make your mirror your competitor

    See yourself in the mirror and say one day i will beat you .
    Whether it’s your favorite pair of skinnies visualize yourself wearing it and try to wear it one day you will do this it will help spike your weight loss motivation to keep hitting the gym.

  5. Get Competitive

    According to a recent study published in the journal Obesity , social influence of team-based weight loss competitions can help you lose up to 20 percent more weight than you would if you did it alone. Even more interesting is that team captains shed more weight than team members, likely due to their position and involvement in the group competition, the researchers say. So recruit a group of friends or coworkers and lead your team to victory! Its an inportant thing to became motivated to loose weight

  6. Stay away from junk food

    Believe that if you are motivating yourself to loose your weight out. and you are in the way of weight loose. Then you have to make a distance from junk foods , and oily foods . Think that what will happen if you are eating 10% fat more then your diet and exercise . So first and last thing is that a proper diet is necessary for you . but junk food is not

  7. Choose your inspiration

    To make yourself motivated for a longer period of time . Just choose a idol or inspiration
    Your inspiration may be a Celebrity , A Sports person or may be a common people . Just remember that you choose a right person as your inspiration . Always study their struggles and in the result you will automatically be motivated

  8. See the results

    When your diet plan is over and finished your plan that you have made early in the beginning . You will be amazed to yourself . your hard work will everything for you .And you became motivated to loose weight .

Being motivated is mote a big deal . just follow the right things and see result at the end of the task . I think This is enough to understand How to Stay motivated to loose weight .