This is a short story intitled with Hidden messages from movies . It is a kind of short story which has a hidden message insie . Do you Remember this classic scene from the Dark Knight Rises . Batman is thrown in a pit which is extremely difficult to climb. People had been stuck in the pit for years without getting out. To try to get out, they tie a rope around their waist and try to climb out of the pit. During the climb, there is a point when a jump needs to be made. This jump is extraordinarily difficult! The rope acts as a safety measure. Let’s see how Batmanclimbs out of the pit:-

With the rope:-

He initially ties a rope around his waist like all others in the pit. But when he tries to make the jump,he fails! It’s just too difficult!

Batman inside the pit

Without the rope :-

This is why you have to admire this guy! How can’t you! He then decides that he will go without the rope. If he fails to make the climb, he dies. No one has done this before. There is no safety option now. It’s do or die. This way, the fear sets in. He is compelled to give his best.

Batman inside well

The result :- He succeeds! He climbs out of that pit.

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But i am talking about hidden messages from movies . So here is the hidden message
Let us say you have a goal to achieve. If you have the mindset that “ If I don’t achieve this , I have a backup option, I’ll settle for that” :- you will never give your best, because you have a fallback option. If you remove the fallback option, the fear will set in. It will be do or die. You will be compelled to give your best! It is risky, agreed. But success doesn’t come without risks!
Some practical examples of the Batman Trick:

  1. You want to get into an IIT. Forget that there exist any other colleges which you will definitely get into. Study as if there is nothing else in the world. Go all in.
  2. You want to get a job at your dream company. Don’t apply to a bunch of similar companies just as your backup options. This way you will give your best whole heartedly to that one company. Your focus, dedication and determination will dramatically increase. Go all in.
  3. You want to do a start-up and become a billionaire. Quit the part time job you are doing. Let go of all the unnecessary back up plans you have! Let the fear of having no backup plan kick in. Go all in.

This can be applied to a lot of other scenarios. You just have to relate your situation to it!
this story is an example of this kind of

hidden messages from movies

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