Getting motivated to start a diet and exercising can often be the hardest part of the diet. But fear not because help is at hand.
Your own attitude is the difference between your success and failure. Try to be motivated to loose weight. And you will be motivated by your own.
Over weight disturbs a lot. only a over weighted person can understand this pain .
mostly we decide to loose our extra weight . But in the middle we lost our motivation and we fails to loose that extra weight . but always believe that only you can stop you from loosing your weight , no one has the guts to stop you.
here is the steps to motivate yourself to loose weight .
Stay motivated to loose weight

  1. Write your Plan

    First of all in the way of loosing your fat You have to write a proper plan . The plan may contain Proper exercise and a time table of things . A plan can help you in many ways . A motivational plan helps you to remember the priorities of the time .

  2. Stick to your plan

    Once you created a Motivational plan you have to follow the plan unconditionally . You have to agree the terms of your plan .
    If you are unable to follow your plan . Just remember one thing that why you wrote this plan . See yourself in mirror. and say i have to do this

  3. Set your goals

    ‘Lose weight’ is too vague. You need a clear and achievable goal, such as ‘lose 10lb in 10 weeks’. Write down how you’re going to achieve this, such as ‘run three times a week’ or ‘go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday’ and STICK TO IT.

  4. Make your mirror your competitor

    See yourself in the mirror and say one day i will beat you .
    Whether it’s your favorite pair of skinnies visualize yourself wearing it and try to wear it one day you will do this it will help spike your weight loss motivation to keep hitting the gym.

  5. Get Competitive

    According to a recent study published in the journal Obesity , social influence of team-based weight loss competitions can help you lose up to 20 percent more weight than you would if you did it alone. Even more interesting is that team captains shed more weight than team members, likely due to their position and involvement in the group competition, the researchers say. So recruit a group of friends or coworkers and lead your team to victory! Its an inportant thing to became motivated to loose weight

  6. Stay away from junk food

    Believe that if you are motivating yourself to loose your weight out. and you are in the way of weight loose. Then you have to make a distance from junk foods , and oily foods . Think that what will happen if you are eating 10% fat more then your diet and exercise . So first and last thing is that a proper diet is necessary for you . but junk food is not

  7. Choose your inspiration

    To make yourself motivated for a longer period of time . Just choose a idol or inspiration
    Your inspiration may be a Celebrity , A Sports person or may be a common people . Just remember that you choose a right person as your inspiration . Always study their struggles and in the result you will automatically be motivated

  8. See the results

    When your diet plan is over and finished your plan that you have made early in the beginning . You will be amazed to yourself . your hard work will everything for you .And you became motivated to loose weight .

Being motivated is mote a big deal . just follow the right things and see result at the end of the task . I think This is enough to understand How to Stay motivated to loose weight .

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